there's no time to sleep and rest. but stil ada masa kot if nak lepak HAHAA.
no more 9-hours sleeping. heaven gilaa kau ni hihi
ok, shut your laptop down, and take notes and books, and READ ! hihi
til then, no more see youu lahh ! :))


eventho pnat gila and i get this severe body ache,
but indeed, it was a great time yesterday.
and have to admit, aku dah smakin pancit utk bemain.

they are trying soo hard to become just like maher zain. hihi
makteh syggg korg tauu !

final exam just around the corner. what will happen to me then?


jangan bertindak beyond ma border line.
because aku pun ada pride and anger.

comel tak kawan saya?
i love all my friends.


when i get bored, i will clean up all ma stuffs. selalu time nak exam tu, all things will get messed. but, whenever im free, i use ma time to clean it up, like today. and the result will be like this .

medic-stuffs :/

port paling baik utk rehat :]

see, kemas kannn :))

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