loves :)

guys, have u ever know bout kifarah?
im experiencing it now.
He gives it to me, and im really down.
forgive me


guling kiri, guling kanan. stil tak dapat tido. im not prescribed theophylline drug, nor caffeine yet. arghh. its almost 3am. pity u jira ' __________' .

guys, i want this !

cant wait to grab this one for ME !!

ok, force maself to sleep.
until then, good night !


now i know, how it feels like being ignored by the closest and the bestfriend when he/she brought her/his bestfriend to hangout together. yes, its not your fault but its me as the matter. thats why i refused at first nak join your plan. but since you really pleased me to come, and i've no gut to let you down, then i say yes. but i know, i might be terasa sedikit. so there it comes. sangat sakit aty bila i sedikit tersisih. u once had experienced this situation, and you told me. but i have no gut to tell you since i think i have no right to say bout this yg tak penting sangat. lets the wind blew all this feelings, bad feelings actually. yes, u said to me we both are your bestfriends, but saya tak tahu why saya rse terasa sgt tadi. btw jira, this thing u have right now sangat tak cool tau. seriously, u are not cool anymore. whatever it is, thanks for inviting me to play paintball. i really had a great time with u guys tadi. eventhough our group tak dapat masuk peringkat akhir, but i think we all really did our best to compete with the other groups. hebat apa kita. haha. for u syg, up to this while, thanks for your hands, your laugh, your tears, ears, your shoulder, your shirts and bed and everything u had sharing with me. i really really appreciate and i love our memories. thank you my girlfriend. :)

chaiyook !


semalam, badan rasa tak sedap sangat. like having a fever. then my mom asked me, teman dia pergi makan makanan yg sehat. i refused mula-mula, sebab tak larat sangat. but dia paksa juga. as she said, this is good for preventing colon cancer. so takpe lah, teman jela. ikut lah skali, since elok untuk kesihatan konon nye. this is my first time makan this yogurt since ini adalah kedai baru bukak kat wangsa walk. but not for her, she had has this food for many times, since she likes to eat this healthy food kan. hihi. so, makan lah sebab sangat sedap tau. trust me.

tutti frutty. comel kan nama kedai ni. hihi

frozen yogurt tau. memang elok utk kesihatan bersama :)
have a try !

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