assalamualaikum peeps.

soo, i guess i've abandoned this blog for quite awhile. because nothing much to share pn. but malam ni rasa mcm ada free time sket laa and boring kot, then here me to jot something down here. hmm where shud i start eh?hahaha ok, i think we all will be tested by Allah swt but in  different ways. yela kan, hows our life will be if there's no obstacle at all kan. tak challenging la kan. sbb Allah gives us ujian pn sebab to test our iman and ask us to keep praying for His help. and for me and family, we also been tested by Him. though we sometimes sighed bout all those stuffs, but we reminded each other to be strong. honestly, me sometimes felt very tired and get lost dgn ujian yg Allah bagi sbb im not that strong to face all that, and saya bkn yg sgt penyabar. tp thanks to Allah, He bless me with family that always keep me up and cherish me up. and He sent me afif, which is the one who always keep reminding me to istighfar whenever i felt devastated. afif selalu ckp that Allah will never give burden to His servants if we not able to handle it. which means apa yg my family get through ni sbb ktorg mampu. i know that but yela, we humans, kita selalu mengeluh dan cpt pnat bila kita rasa ok thats enough. cmtu la. but utk think positive, i selalu pk yg Allah syg kami, and this ujian makes us stronger and even better inshaAllah. ok thats my first point. the second is i tengah in  mood of holiday skang, yela sem break katakn hihi. tp disebabkan my elective project and i attach dgn dr wan syazli yg gila protocol, smpai sekarang ktorg kena pegi hospital every monday, wed and thursday. kena follow clinic bagai, even cpc pn kena pegi kot. at first mmg ktorg bengang sket la kot, yela sian kot my friends yg stay jauh still tak dpt balik uma. tp mmg Allah bagi ada je yg baik and ada hikmah. because of this elective, we can go to A&E and tgk burn case and dpt learn byk sgt benda baru. and we assist doctor suture hihi. dah mcm surgeon ktorg ni. buat kt manusia betol kot hahha. so Alhamdulillah la, Allah bagi semua yg baik utk kita. just we will realize that later. so always be grateful of what u have now. till then, salam.

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