to ma dearest bestfren, happy besday sayangg.
may u are always in bless.
sory, i got no new picture of u lah.
sangat dissapointed tak snap gambar aritu.
anyways, may u get all desired things u want in this world.
iloveyou :)
to ma dearest bestfren,
happy besday too hihi.
may u r always in bless.
gilaaa rindu ecaa.
iloveyou :)

rindu korang sangat sangat :'(


guys, im looking forward to fulfill all ma desired things. my vacation with family, with friends. oh cant wait ! always planning with ma beloved roomate. hopefuly the day will come, sooner or later. who knew. hihi ok, time to sleep. be positive for the hard matters. insyaallah, everything going to be fine. night world !


sometimes, aku rasa aku diperbodohkan. sometimes, aku rasa aku ketepikan kepentingan diri sendiri. sometimes, aku rasa semua ni tak adil untuk aku. sometimes, aku rasa, aku ingin besuara menegakkan kebenaran. sometimes, aku rasa this is not maself. sometimes, aku rasa sangat marah tapi tak dapat diluahkan. sometimes, aku rasa like nak crying, but i forced maself not to cry. sometimes, aku rasa nak buat bodoh je. its not because im a coward, but im likely behave to respect u as u're not respecting me in certain circumstances. but i know, Allah itu Maha Adil.


weekend is now coming. but this weekend will be hard for me, with plenty of works need to be done. depressed ! this GIT module is really really going to kill me. i think this module is the most tough one, though surely someone can say it is senang je kot. but untuk saya, susah sangat kot :(
even went to the class every day, i pretend to understand each single things that been taught. tapi paham paham je lah kan. thats why many seniors get failed in this module. no wonder lah kan, susa teamat. tp hopefully, with Allah's willing, i tried to maintain ma result. insyaallah. keep working harder. haruskah? hihi


i love him. eventho he doesnt love me, i stil love him. unfortunately, he loves me more than i do. what can i say. thanks yaww !

we share the same bright sun, the same round moon,
why dont we share the same love?


sangat sedih sebab not be able to come to the class today. '__________________'
hihi btw, im having a so called diarrhea. memang tak larat nak pegi kelas when our stomach is not in a well-conditioned. but missed a whole day class sangat rugi, sebab most understanding things are well-being absorbed during the lecture. eventho yesterday lectures half of it tak berapa nak faham sebab zzZZzzz dalam class. tell u, this is my first time having severe diarrhea. my whole body went weak. sangat lemah. so after this taknk dah minum clenx tea and must eat on time. forget bout slimming, forget bout your skin. kesihatan comes first. kalau tak, the outcome is just like this. very pathetic. its time to itadakimasuu !

happy birthday to birthday girl,
shabira binti abdul ghani.
sweet 24th.
may u are always in blessed by Him.
*saya nak age 24 gak sebab nak kawen hihi

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