that girl. she's used to b ma closest one. lepaking together. enjoy the movies, the song, sleep and altogether. then, we got separated, and that was my very very bad time. but now, tiba2 your brother akan jadi my bro-in-law. oh my, kecik gilaa dunia ni. and when we met aritu, how glad i am. had chance to talk to u, againn. thanks to Allah. sayang and kawan itu come again.


oh my dearly sister,
you're getting married soon.
sobsob :(
be a good wife nanti.

congratss !


good luck to all ma colleagues !
may Allah gives us chance to succeed and pass for this semester.


dear Al-Mighty,
gimme strength to handle the hard things.
gimme patience to let things settled.
gimme passionate towards this difficulty.
undeniably, lets all things to be covered under your keberkatan.

dear Al-Mighty,
assists ma friends and i against difficulties in study your 'ilm.

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