towards some extent, dah rasa give up. its not because susah ke apa, but YES medic is tough. but kekuatan dalaman is not strong enough to make me sustain to get thru all this. bila pk balik, selalu rasa am i gonna be in this field in future? Ya Allah, gimme a strength, if aku tak kuat di luar, just beri lah kekuatan hati so that aku tabah. just sometimes penat sgt bila pk kena do that, do this. Ya Allah.....


am missing ibu and ayah so much. they are now kt Mecca, doing hajj. just feel kosong and sunyi sgt when they're not around. every day i'll text ibu saying i missed them so much, and hopefully they're doing good there and strong enough to do ibadah. doa to Allah for giving them haji mabrur. and now, i missed the times when i was there. doa kan utk ateh ibu :'(

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