sangat sedih sebab not be able to come to the class today. '__________________'
hihi btw, im having a so called diarrhea. memang tak larat nak pegi kelas when our stomach is not in a well-conditioned. but missed a whole day class sangat rugi, sebab most understanding things are well-being absorbed during the lecture. eventho yesterday lectures half of it tak berapa nak faham sebab zzZZzzz dalam class. tell u, this is my first time having severe diarrhea. my whole body went weak. sangat lemah. so after this taknk dah minum clenx tea and must eat on time. forget bout slimming, forget bout your skin. kesihatan comes first. kalau tak, the outcome is just like this. very pathetic. its time to itadakimasuu !

happy birthday to birthday girl,
shabira binti abdul ghani.
sweet 24th.
may u are always in blessed by Him.
*saya nak age 24 gak sebab nak kawen hihi


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