tiba-tiba doctor ckp, dia kena masuk icu. i went like : huh?
then there are many symptoms yg doctor mentioned, and dia was suspected to get some diseases. ma patella was like, begetar. ma lips was like, merekah. ma heart's beating faster. deep in ma heart, i pray to Allah. please save this person. i love this person very much and i dont want to lose you. in the middle of the night, i get ma comforter on, and was crying like a hell. staying at the hospital till the middle of the night without taking any food, badan i sangat lemah. kepala berat sgt. dan tiba-tiba, saya tak sedarkan diri.

Ya Allah, kami semua sangat perlukannya. please do not take this person away from us. saya bersujud merayu kepadaMu


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