salam alaik, hello again there! what's up guys? hopefully u guys enjoy these holidays peacefully and wisely. soo, im quite rajin post something lately sebab i've nothing to do instead of fb-ing and etc. well, only 2weeks left and i'l be going back to my school! sounds scary there hihi. and this time will be packed dengan lepak with my friends and family. its not too late lagi. ok korg, u guys suka telan ubat tak? not a liquid one, but a tablet ones. if korg suka, mmg bagus lah. but me, tak suka gila makan ubat2 ni esp. yg tablet tu lah like antibiotics. oh man, i hate the time when i got these kind of ubat2 to telan. few days ago, i met doctor to checkup few things bout my health. then doc said i got chronic sinusitis. dont be scared with that chronic. its nothing but a long term illness that deals with my sinus area. for those who're taking medical course, surely u guys know we have 4parts of sinuses. frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid and maxillary. and my case, it takes place in maxillary part. where this part of sinus get swollen. and cause my blood vessels ruptured. i alredy undergo surgery when i was 19, but things get worst. so doc gave me cefuroxime. well, im not into these drugs! so what to do, mkn pn ikot suka my time je kan. and yg consistent pn i used nasal spray tu huu. ok lah finish with that part. lets go with another part haha. ok, i miss terengganu like a hell yeah! u know what, i missed moments tidur kat uma fida and asha, and bangun pagi seeking for nasi dagang. and then pegi pantai at noon, berjemur. pegh, best do. rindu suasana kampung cmtu. then pegi air terjun even im not minat sgt with air terjun. i wonder why people suka sgt air terjun haha. ok takpe, but that tym mmg sronok sbb with kwn2. then lepak2 kat pantai, mkn keropok lekor. hell, sronok gilaa! and tym pergi holiday dgn family kt tganu. snorkeling, mandi pantai. best nyaa. i missed my friends there, they called themselves GC group hihi. thanks lah, sbb without them, aku mmg tak knal tempat2 kat sana. so, mayb i'l b in terengganu on july. so if ada rzeki, i'l be meeting u guys insyaallah. ok guys byeee!

i look very thin this time hihi


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