i think this central nervous system (CNS) module agak interesting la. yet, complicated laa jugak. but for the first time rasa anatomy is an enjoyable one. just on the brain part. is amazing when we know our brain is fulfilled with a million neurons, billion ganglial cells which act as supporting cells, within a small mg of human brain. is it amazing? for me, yes it is. lagi, the prefrontal part of our brain play a role of controlling our behavior. in case there is injury or damage kat this part of our brain, perangai kita akan slightly change. from good to a very bad person. whoah, kuasa Allah. yet, our neuron itself can be improved without any external sources as what we can say it as medication, from the process of plasticity. boleh tak imagine, camne neuron tu boleh heal sendiri? no words. so thanks to Allah for giving us this powerful and amazing brain and body, even hanya untuk seketika sahaja. but for what purpose? hmm think! ok few photos time kat singapore :)

even penat nak mati , tp syioookk tuu. hiihi. ok nait bloggy-hearts.


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