assalamualaikum. thanks to Allah for giving me a chance to breath this fresh air today. meaning to say, im still alive for today and i'll be going back home todayy! yeayy, hello u punya rumah kt kl je kot. just a step forward and you'l be there haha. doesnt matter pn actually. but u know, being here sangat boring kot. i dont know why, maybe boyfriend takde kot haha. menggelabah gila jira oi. guys, u know kan, time goes very very fast. on this july i'll be transferring to sg buloh for my clinical year purposes. and yet, for the next 3 years insyaallah, if im able to manage my study and exam-things dgn baek, i'l complete my mbbs successfully. nampak mcm lama kan, but actlly that time is getting near. and tak sabar sgt nak succeed dgn membe2 semua. and by the time i finish my degree, i already fulfill my parents punya impian. alhamdulillah. such a pleased felling. ok, going to get maself ready for exam petang ni. pray for me and colleagues! everyone, please enjoy your day today and for gentlemen, jangan lupa solat jumaat! friday is rock bebeh. hihi bye-bye.


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