the most exciting and awaiting part, we will be going back to sg buloh !!! finally, been 2 weeks in hospital teluk intan and is officially ended by tomorrow. tp actually best gk laa kt Teluk Intan where we've got chances to go to OT byk kali. if kat sg buloh macam susah laa, nak compete bagai dgn budak2 from MAHSA students. just yg tak best sebab sunyi kt sini since only 12 of us kt sini. and patients agak limited, findings pn tak byk and uncommon one. and bila malam ward round, mostly they refused to be examined and dorg tdo mmg awal sgt. but the doctors sgt la friendly, just sisters agak poyo sket. sampai sekali tu dorg ckp "dak2 ni keluar masuk labor room cam rumah dorg pulak eh". perli la kan tuu. tp takpe, ktorg senyum kambing so that dia bertambah bengang haha. tp we realized one thing la, bila duduk jauh2 12 org ni, ktorg getting closer la. boleh lepak2 bagai which that was fun gila, and relieve stress and penat ktorg. and we work as a team. on call pn ramai2 sampai lebam. if ada yg didnt manage to observe labor, then ktorg akan tggu till dorg dapat.

we went for sahur after our on-call
berbuka beramai ramai :)

ok. gotta sleep to recharge energy for class and driving back to KL tomorrow. goodnait.


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