its now 2.24 pm and im stil lying on a comfortable bed while thinking lotta problems. WHY men who are married, even twice, still nak kahwin to get 3 or 4 wives? sudden think about it after watching the movie last nait. PERLU ke? is it too necessary? but the thing is, kt movie tu, the husband is not 'baek' sangat with his first wife. then, pergi met with another girl. saya rasa, if laki itu menunjukkan contoh suami yg MITHALI terhadap wives dia, its gonna be okay then. even stil, it much hurts to get MADU yang byk sangat kan. ALLAH bagi you guys penis is not to menggatal sana sini tau. kalau niat tu nak tolong janda2 terbiar kat luar sana and if KAU mampu sangat, then boleh lah kot. bila bab2 kawen ramai ni, just take the prophet sebagai contoh and follow his attitude with his wives. then rumahtangga insyaallah aman, damai, tenteram segala bagai kan. ni if you cant manage your first and second family wisely, semua lintang pukang and serabut bagai, why u stil need another girl? takkan kurang kasih sayang kot. i stil cant get why you guys need lotta wives. orang lain pn boleh je hidup dengan seorang isteri. sigh.


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