am not in well condition, headache, acute fever with lotta sputum. and the exam is around the corner. cant wait to sit the exm sebab jengka is calling me. wahh, seronok.

second, i need sumone to be my ear where he or she can listen to setiap keluhan yang ingin saya ungkapkan. those medical things always make ma mind crazy. tak tertahan dah. ramai yg dah quit from medic. am i gonna be the next person to follow their steps? arghh. but stil, thanks to YOU, dear Al-Mighty for listening me.

third, thanks to ayah and ibu sebab paham ma condition yang penat bejalan ke class and you both hadiah kan saya kemudahan untuk begerak. thanks to you. i really really appreciate it.

fourth, time to sleep. good night world.

imissyou, afif mustaqim


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