shud i tell u? nvrmind. just to let u know. ok, cmni. i know im not a good fren to take care every single thing in relationship. even with my boyfren, im failed to do that. myb this is my fault and i dont care if u want to put all the blames on me. seriously, i dont give a damn bout that. im just a person or a fren yang-tak-kesa-sangat in relationship. its not that im not taking seriously in relationship with frens. tapi aku jenis tak kesa apa-apa. so myb aku expect kau sama je cm aku. so ini adalah kesalahan saya. sorry k. sebab bagi aku, takde istilah nak makan hati, jantung or pape organ lah in relationship. just give and take. if nak ckp pasal terasa, mmg smpai kiamat pn takkn abes. sebab that is normal. macam normal flora kat our superficial organ. again, u can blame me thousand times, i stil dont care. but im not blaming u, at all. u are my fren, so i know whats ur kelemahan, and whats ur kekurangan. and i accept it throughout my life. but please do it the same thing. i have many people around me to take care of. aku tau kau slalu terasa dgn aku. aku pn pena makan aty gk, tp i just let it go. sebab thats not the only thing we want in relationship. there are lot of things i did bfore, just to make u happy and satisfy. but if u stil cant get it, just ok. takpe. saya mmg lemah bab-bab nak jaga aty org ni but im hardworking on it. just tggu dan lihat. if u cannot bear with me anymore, just tell me and leave me behind. its hurting me much but if u happy with that, go on. seriously, aku tak suka ckp benda ni esp kat blog, but im not tough enough to tell u this by face-to-face.saya tau awk baca blog saya even awk takde blog. whateva it is, im not take this thing seriously since im not that type of person, but i know u've hurt so much. sorry to become ur fren.

p/s: i love u.


psychopaths January 15, 2011 at 10:20 PM  


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