guys, have u ever thinking bout your life? i mean, today life is over, then what happen to the next? i've been thinking for many times. is the life will be going the same everyday? im bored to get through the same thing, each second in every single day. what will happen to me in the next, in the future. am i totally being confirmed to be a doctor? or am i will not becoming a doctor? adakah aku sempat untuk bekahwin nanti? is my life long enough to achieve and fulfill all my dreams? i wont my life's ended without even repenting. im very scared to be that way. there is many question marks in ma head but i couldnt answer those, even one. just imagine how bad i am. soo pathetic i am. however it is, even life seems like boring everyday, but with friends that always brighten my days, family who are always encouraging and supporting me, life is actually blissful. it very hard to stand with two legs, so i need the others' legs to be with me. thanks to you sayangs.


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